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Focus Week 2014

Focus Week 2014 was the biggest blessing! I am forever inspired and changed by this experience. I met so many incredible people, made so many new and amazing friends, and I learned so many valuable and relevant lessons. But most importantly, God opened my eyes and touched my heart in ways that I’ve never experienced before. My purpose has been confirmed and my faith is stronger than ever. This has been the best week of my life, with the most honest, open, and real people I’ve had the honor of meeting. I am so thankful for this experience and for my new family in Christ. I am ready to go out into my community and the world and share the love of the Lord. — Chelsea Barnard

Focus Week 2015

I absolutely loved Focus Week. I walked into it not knowing anything about the Christian religion and not knowing what to expect. But I got way more than I could have ever wanted. I stood for the Lord and I learned more about him… It all started with Chris and Marissa. Without them I wouldn’t have gone on the trip and I wouldn’t have realized that I had been ignoring Jesus and pushing him away because I was scared to let myself go to him. – Glorianna (2015)

Real Life Group At The Vero Beach Campus

I had been searching for a small group to meet with, but many were neither my age group or at a time when I could attend.  But meeting with CSF members for the first time in a Bible study group I found exactly what I wanted AND needed.  I deeply desired a group that would dissect the truths of God’s Word as well as how they can be applied to life. The first day I attended, Psalms one turned into a wealth of revelation and encouragement.  It was PERFECT!  I knew that was the place for me from that moment on, and I continued to attend for the rest of the year.  I was so encouraged each time I met with Elsie, and am so thankful for the opportunity to be involved in such a group on campus!


New Students 2015

Being a first generation college student, it was so important for me to find people who can help and truly care for me. The Christian Student Fellowship not only welcomed me with warm open arms but made me feel respected and valued. They taught me how God is more than just a person that gives commandments, but a God that is a deep friend who cares and love us so much; this surpasses our own self love.

CSF led me to understand and fully surrender to God’s authority. The word of God that they taught me helped to let go of my past sins. God forgave me and reminded me of his unfailing love.

Romans 8:31 says: “What then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us who can be against us?” There is not any one thing that can take me away from my Lord — Amen! — Stephanie

My name is Jaydian Tomlinson, I’m a proud member of the Christian Student Fellowship at IRSC.
The way people treat you defines who they are as human beings. This is a statement my sisters and I can surely agree on after meeting CSF members on their day of club rush. We encountered some very warm and friendly individuals who smiled at us, hugged us, and eagerly shared with us. After that initial experience, my sisters and I decided to start a journey with the CSF students.
C is for caring. I continue to experience the unconditional kindness and concern for the well being of others that CSF offers. There is always someone to share with, pray with or even to get advice from. Philippians 2:4 reminds us to not merely look out for our own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. This is certainly the attitude of CSF-ers.
S is for the constant spiritual support. Because of this fellowship, I have grown in my faith. I pray and trust God more. Sometimes when obstacles come my way, I expect God to defend me right away and show himself. I sometimes ask, “Why is he so quiet?” But this fellowship has taught me as I’m going through difficult times and I don’t feel like God is there that God can be silent during a trial like a teacher is silent during a test.
F is for Family. It’s is so interesting how individuals from different cultures can get along so well in a group like CSF. With God all things are possible, and He has a way of forming the strongest bond between believers. I now have several mothers and role models to my advantage, a heavenly Father who feeds me, and sisters in Christ to pray with. I also now have new brothers in Christ to teach me. In CSF, I have a close knitted family in Christ to share personal experiences, food and love.

Sonburst 2015 Testimonies

I wasn’t sure what I expected when I arrived, but I know what I didn’t expect: being welcomed like a long lost sister. Outside of the internet, my social circle is incredibly small, and I tend to be a lone wolf. I was surprised to see everyone welcoming me so quickly when I knew almost none of them prior to the event. I don’t know how to describe how that felt to me, except that was the first time since I can remember when I felt I truly belonged; when I felt like I was where I was meant to be. No-one fought, everyone was smiling and happy to see each other…I just loved the sense of unity that our lord and savior brought to us. – Catherine

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